Service Term

There is no specified term for cleaning services.  Service may be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason.   We kindly ask that Client provide at least seven (7) days notification of discontinuation of services.

Payment for Services

Cash, check, online bill pay, and credit cards are accepted.  Note: when using a credit card, a 3% service fee will be charged.

          Cash or check made payable to Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage  Payments are due and payable at the time of service.  If Client will not be home at the time service is rendered, then we ask that payment be left in a visible location at the service address. 


The cleaning of a Client’s home is scheduled for a specific day and time, on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.  We do our best to adhere to this schedule and ask that our Clients do the same.  We realize that on a rare occasion, a situation may arise that may disrupt the established schedule.

In addition, due to the unpredictable nature of cleaning, we do our best to arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible.  We generally do not run more than 30 minutes earlier, or later, than the scheduled appointment time.

If Client wishes to have an additional service performed on their scheduled Maintenance cleaning day (cleaning inside of refrigerator, oven, etc) we ask that Client give us ample advance notification so that we may adjust our schedule accordingly to allow for the extra time needed.

Inclement Weather

It will be a judgement call by management, as to whether or not staff will be working on days that a storm (ice, snow, thunderstorms, etc) is in progress.  We ask that you keep driveways and walkways clear and salted.  We will reschedule Clients cleaning within three (3) days of closed business day.

During summer months we ask that Clients leave the central air conditioning on while we are there cleaning.  This will keep our staff comfortable while performing cleaning tasks in your home.


Client shall make the service location accessible to Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage staff on the scheduled service day.  In the event we are not entrusted with a key or current entry code, and the staff is locked out of Client’s home, every effort will be made to contact the Client.

If contact with Client is not made within 15 minutes of arrival, the scheduled cleaning will be skipped, and a $35 “lock out” fee will be charged.

Client Keys

Client keys are coded and stored inside a locked cabinet to which only the two principle managers of Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage have access.  Upon termination/cancellation of services, Michigan Maid Cleaning Authority, LLC shall return any Client key(s) in its possession within 48 hours.

People and Pets

We are a people and pet-friendly company, within reason.  If any persons or pets will be in the home while we clean, we ask that indoor activity be limited for cleaning efficiency and safety reasons.  We will not clean up vomit or feces, as these present a hazard to out staff.  Likewise, we will not clean cat litter boxes, bird cages, fish tanks, etc.

Cleaning Hard to Reach Areas

Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage staff is not authorized to move or assist in moving any object weighing more than 35 pounds.  If Client needs an object of this nature cleaned, Client is solely responsible for moving the appliance, furniture, or object out of the way, prior to cleaning by Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage staff, and replacing it to its proper setting after cleaning of the area is completed.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage provides all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, except for a vacuum. (We will provide a vacuum if the home is vacant) We ask that Client provides their own vacuum so we are not spreading allergens from one home to another.  We use all natural and eco-friendly products.

Licensing, Insurance and Bonding

Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage shall maintain proper licensing requirements and carry appropriate insurance, including bonding.  A Certificate of Insurance may be provided to Client upon request.


Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage employees are thoroughly screened and fully background checked prior to their employment with Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage.

Rate Increases and Adjustments

Client’s Maintenance Program rate may be increased annually, by an amount not to exceed 5% of Client’s current rate.  The new rate shall be effective the first day of the month in which Client began services with Michigan Maid Cleaning Advantage.  Other adjustments to this rate may be made at any time during the year should there be changes to the frequency of Client’s Maintenance Program schedule, home, or living situation ( remodel, change of address, number of people living in the home, significant addition of furniture, etc)

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Maintenance Program cleaning appointments.  Client must report any service issues within 24 hours of service.  If you feel we have missed something, we will return to your home to inspect, address and re-clean the specified area at no additional charge.

Last But Not Least

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING MICHIGAN MAID CLEANING ADVANTAGE!  If you love our service, and we hope you do, please refer a friend.  You will receive $25 off your next cleaning and your friend will receive $25 off their 2nd scheduled cleaning.

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